How Alcohol is Changing Modern Culture

How Alcohol is Changing Modern Culture

For centuries, alcohol has been an essential vehicle for socialization, from parties to weddings and first dates to relaxing weekends spent unwinding. In fact, alcohol is frequently associated with having a good time, which makes it even more difficult for modern society to pull away from the substance which can have detrimental effects on the body and mind. 

However, the light at the tunnel has been the cultural shift toward moderation and fewer mornings spent dealing with splitting headaches. Here are some of the ways alcohol has shaped our current culture and how our love affair with heavy drinking might be coming to an end. 


Drinking as a Social Sport

It’s no secret that most people love drinking, especially in social settings. One of the key reasons is the inhibition-lowering qualities of alcohol that makes people feel more outgoing and adventurous. However, recent studies have shown that the majority of Millennial drinkers would actually rather drink at home than go out for a beer. While part of this might be influenced by the high price tag attached to drinks that are served at bars or clubs, another key element might be the shift toward health and wellness.



Toxic Aspects of Alcohol 

In recent years, the health and wellness industry has seen a significant boom and more and more people are interested in cultivating better physical and mental health. One of the key things that experts recommend avoiding for improved mental and physical wellbeing? Alcohol. Drinking in excess has been scientifically proven to have serious negative effects such as:


  • Weakened immune system
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Thinning bones
  • Cancer
  • Birth defects
  • Brain shrinkage 
  • Heart damage 
  • Liver failure 
  • Pancreatitis
  • Infertility 


Although the occasional glass of wine will not have a significant impact on a person’s health, some people are turning away from alcohol due to unpleasant effects that can follow them after a night out. 


Fighting Hangover Symptoms

Almost everyone has experienced the uncomfortable morning after a fun night of partying. The common symptoms of a hangover, such as headaches, muscle aches, nausea, light sensitivity, and mood swings are all related to alcohol’s effect on the body and the toxins it leaves behind. Cogeners and toxic byproducts like acetaldehyde are the main culprits for mornings spent lying in bed or hanging over the toilet. However, some companies have emerged to address this specific need and offer hangover support


The Future of Drinking 

With the rise of spiked seltzers and low ABV beers, people have shown that their requests for more drinking options with fewer negative consequences are being heard. In addition to hangover cures and IV drips, non-alcoholic beers and mocktails are also seeing a spike in popularity. More people are moving toward a sober or semi-sober lifestyle and the alcohol industry will need to make some significant changes to keep up. 


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