4 Ways to Decrease the Likelihood of a Hangover


You don’t want the first time you start thinking about hangover prevention to be when you’re leaning over the toilet after a night out. From headaches to nausea to aches and pains, there’s no bright side to a hangover, especially when they can last all day. Instead of drinking raw eggs or following old wives’ tales, check out these easy tips, including the use of hangover prevention pills, to prevent a hangover before it has the chance to begin. You’ll be able to enjoy your night out with confidence knowing that the morning after will be a breeze. 

1. Drink Plenty of Water

When you’re wondering how long a hangover lasts, you should start by thinking about water. Everyone has heard the ratio of one glass of water for each drink, but how much water should you be drinking before a big night out? It’s important for your body to be hydrated before you hit the town because alcohol is a diuretic, which means you’ll be going to the bathroom frequently. Dehydration can seriously influence the duration and severity of a hangover. However, it is possible to overdo it with the water, so think about bringing a sports drink like Gatorade or other electrolyte-rich beverages along. 

2. Consider Using Supplements 

If you’re looking to change up your drinking game in the long run, you might want to consider turning to hangover prevention pills. Although this option might not completely stop a hangover in its tracks for everyone, it can help diminish the unpleasant side effects of drinking like headaches and muscular soreness. Research has suggested that some hangover symptoms are caused by minor inflammation, which can be nipped in the bud with the right supplements. 

3. Order a Heavier Meal

Water is just one part of the anti-hangover equation. How much food you eat beforehand and the type of food you choose can help your body metabolize alcohol faster, leaving you with fewer hangover symptoms. Although a salad might seem like an appealing option, make sure you load up on a plate full of carbs, protein, and fat to help process the toxins and byproducts your body produces in response to alcohol. This can be anything from a juicy burger to a delicious salmon fillet. Either way, make sure you don’t skip out on dinner if you want to be able to look at breakfast the next morning.

4. Know Which Drinks Are Better For You

Most people have drinks that they already avoid due to personal preferences, but knowing the effects of certain types of drinks can help you have a better night. If you’re looking to decrease the likelihood of a hangover, you should steer clear of champagne and find a toasting alternative. The bubbles in sparkling wine might make you get drunk more quickly because they promote absorption. As for mixed drinks, opt for cocktails that are a combination of fruit juice and alcohol as opposed to soda. Even if they only appear in small amounts, the vitamins nutrients present in juice is always better than the empty calories and sugar found in soda. Last but not least, stick with clear liquors like gin and vodka because they have fewer impurities. 

If you’re looking to fight off the signs of a nasty hangover, the best cure is early planning. For the best hangover prevention, check out Ivita’s extensive supply of over-the-counter medicine. 

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