All the Nutrients Your Body Needs to Relieve a Hangover


The weekend is a time to spend having fun with family and friends alike. But sometimes that fun turns into a little too much, which leads to you waking up the next morning feeling like you got hit by a freight train.

Your head is pounding, you have zero energy, and you’re dealing with a serious case of brain fog. Of course, abstaining from alcohol will ensure you do not experience the unpleasant aftermath.

However, with Ivita Active, an over-the-counter supplement, you can enjoy your night while avoiding the dreaded hangover the next morning.  Here’s everything you need to know about this hangover remedy and how it can help you. 

What is Ivita?

Ivita is not one of the typical hangover supplements. It is a combination of vitamins and antioxidants that were specifically chosen for their effectiveness at eliminating hangover symptoms before you suffer from them. Taking the recommended dose of four capsules after your last drink of the night will have you waking up feeling energized and devoid of the nasty effects of drinking too much. Let’s take a look at the supplements and nutrients and what they can do in the battle against a hangover. 



Anyone who has had a few drinks knows the multiple trips to the bathroom that eventually commence are due to alcohol being a diuretic. This constant need to urinate causes you to lose vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for preventing a hangover. Although Ivita won’t eliminate your many restroom visits while drinking, its combination of the essential vitamins B1, B6, B12, C and E will help ensure you aren’t feeling terrible the next morning.


Dihydromyricetin and N-acetylcysteine

When it comes to reducing the adverse effects of alcohol on the liver, dihydromyricetin and N-acetylcysteine provide a one-two punch. While dihydromyricetin increases the metabolism of alcohol’s byproducts, N-acetylcysteine replenishes glutathione, which is a naturally-occurring antioxidant in your body. These are key components of Ivita’s mission to help with your hangover. Joined together with vitamins and additional herbal and antioxidant extracts, these substances in Ivita prove effective in eliminating the headaches and lethargy caused by the effects alcohol has on the liver.



While the main ingredients in Ivita are superior to tackling a hangover, there are a few additional elements that complete the perfect mix. Rounding off the list are herbal and antioxidant extracts, which are well-known for their healing properties. Used for thousands of years, the combination of milk thistle seed, prickly pear fruit, ginger root, dandelion, and artichoke provide your system with the anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory compounds necessary to combat a hangover. 

The ability of a detox pill to protect and prevent liver damage from excessive drinking is a must when seeking out a hangover treatment. However, there are several miracle pills out there that hurt your body more than help it. Avoid supplements that contain caffeine or ones that have aspirin combined with a few herbs, as they will not eliminate a hangover. These ingredients will only temporarily mask any signs or symptoms you may be experiencing, only to leave you suffering again after the supplements wear off.

At Ivita Life Sciences, we take pride in providing you with the best hangover prevention supplements. With dedicated research and proven science, we ensure our products meet your needs. If you would like more information on Ivita and how we differ from other hangover products, please visit our resource section on

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