Can NMN Reverse Aging? A Comprehensive Guide to This Powerful Compound

NMN is a naturally occurring compound in the body that promotes the production of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+.  Scientists have discovered that NAD+ plays an important role in how humans age.

When you have high levels of NAD+ in your body, you have less inflammation. Less inflammation equals a healthier body and longer lifespan.

Therefore taking an NMN supplement to stimulate the production of NAD+ in your body can help promote longevity and healthy aging.

How does the aging process work?

As we age, it is normal to experience reduced ability and stamina to do everyday activities. Regression in this sense is unavoidable.

As we grow older, our blood vessels decline in their ability to deliver key nutrients that are crucial when it comes to our muscle tissue firing as it should under healthy conditions.

Researchers have discovered a way to reverse this loss of ability to deliver nutrients to our muscle tissue is to increase compounds that stimulates the development of new blood vessels. The compound NMN is the focus of these early findings.

What is NMN?

NMN is a naturally occurring compound in the body that promotes the production of the NAD+.

As your body ages, it produces less NAD+, which causes inflammation in the body. Researchers point to keeping inflammation low in order to extend your health span and prevent various diseases.

NAD+ precursors play a vital role in the aging process; these are the raw materials from which NAD+ is made in the body.

NAD+ precursors follow pathways into the cells that can be more or less efficient. A series of molecular events support communication inside cells between the nucleus and mitochondria.

Aging speeds up when communication within cells break down. This is where NMN intervention comes in; NAD+ precursors can be used to increase NAD levels and improve communication between the nucleus and mitochondria within the crucial cells of the body.

2019 Study on NMN

This study offers insightful findings on reversing the aging process. The 2019 study that examined the effects of NMN supplementation in aged mice. The results of the study indicate that “NMN supplementation stimulates considerable cerebral-microvascular protective effects in aged mice, and attenuates endothelial oxidative stress, improves endothelial function and rescues NVC responses in the aged cortex.”

NMN is beneficial at a number of levels of the cerebrovascular and systemic pathology associated with aging and limiting aging-induced vascular cognitive impairment.

What is the Best NMN Supplement?

There are a number of NMN supplements on the market that you can use to help reverse the aging process. However, it has been found that Icaria – NAD+ is one of the most beneficial of the NMN supplements.

ICARIA – NAD+ is formulated to provide cells and mitochondria with crucial nutrients that boost NAD+ production, enhance cellular repair, maintain healthy mitochondria, and activate longevity genes.

The supplement helps with the promotion of a healthier life and longevity.

What are the benefits of NMN?

There are several benefits that are associated with NMN supplementation.

NMN levels can be boosted in the body via NAD+ precursor chemical process, which works to enhance the biosynthesis of NAD+ and counteract symptoms related to its depletion.

However, NMN supplementation can be used to address different health parameters.

  • NMN can help to prevent a decline in physical endurance and muscle strength
  • NMN can suppress age-associated weight gain, improve metabolism and eyesight, enhanced insulin sensitivity and plasma lipid levels
  • Improved mitochondrial function can be achieved with NMN, which improved energy
  • NMN can increase bone density and muscle

Is NMN Safe?

As with any supplement, safety is a factor that must be accounted for to prevent any adverse effects.

A recent human trial of NMN conducted by the Clinical Trial Unit, Keio University School of Medicine, Japan observing NMN for adverse side effects revealed that NMN is safe and well-tolerated.

Still, the efficacy and safety of NMN are still unclear, but it is safe to say that it won’t cause users any harm in general. The study was effective in its goal of testing safety.

What Foods Contain NMN?

There are several foods that also contain NMN, including foods containing B vitamins that are essential for providing energy and stimulating cell metabolism energy.

B vitamin foods that contain NMN:

  • niacin-rich foods such as mushrooms, peanuts, mushrooms, and green tea.
  • Carotenoid-containing foods, such as oranges, carrots, and squash contain phytonutrients that limit collagen degradation and improve the appearance of the skin.
  • Foods containing omega-3, like seeds, almonds, fatty fish and olive oil can help to prevent an increase in inflammation in the body.

NMN is a promising solution for slowing down, if not, reversing the aging process. Though research is still ongoing, studies have indicated that NMN is safe for use. Still, its efficacy is still unclear.

More research is needed to unravel the extent of NMN’s benefits, but for the time being, NMN-rich foods and supplementation can provide you with several health benefits. Contact the experts at Ivita today to learn more about NMN’s benefits.

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