Top 7 Body Detox Myths Debunked

Let’s face it, if you’ve landed here then you are probably trying to figure out if a body detox or cleanse actually works. Can you really detox your body naturally?

Chinese medicine focuses on the energy of the liver and many have tried the green tea toxin flush. Not a true detox method. (Read about green tea below. It’s a myth!) Milk thistle, a powerful antioxidant, helps your liver repair itself. Your strict diet may improve your liver function as you eat certain foods, but this boost is usually temporary.

Are you seeing a pattern here? The liver plays a big part in detoxing your body through your digestive system naturally. The trick is that instead of removing toxins from your body or helping your liver function better, your cleanse should do both.

Before we get to the solution to this problem so you can ditch the fads and feel better naturally, let’s debunk a few myths about detox diets. Don’t care about what doesn’t work and want to know what does? Keep scrolling!

Myth #1: You Don’t Have to Detox Your Body

It’s true that our bodies have natural processes for removing toxins. Our bodies used to do this very well. The phrase to focus on here is, “used to.” Why doesn’t it work so well anymore?

If you think back even 50 years ago, our foods and even the air we breathe were not like they are now. Processed foods contain more toxins than ever, and our bodies haven’t had enough time to adjust. It literally takes thousands of years for evolution to catch up to what we really need right now. And right now, we need a better, natural way to help our body detox.

Do you have to detox? No, you don’t. And perhaps it isn’t right in some cases. For example, if you are pregnant or recovering after being sick. But most bodies greatly appreciate a cleanse.

Myth #2: Green Tea Fixes Everything

It’s often called “the green tea flush.” The idea is to drink tons of tea every day for up to a week. Sometimes longer. What is it supposed to do? Green tea is full of antioxidants that can help your body flush out toxins that have built up due to poor diet choices, drinking alcohol, or even just the routine of everyday life.

But, all this tea is filled with caffeine! Most green teas have more caffeine than your usual Starbucks fix. And drinking so much of it in a short amount of time can cause poor sleep and a lack of focus in addition to other unwanted side effects, according to Healthline. These things come with their own set of problems so why trade one problem for another? According to Tish Chalmers, who spoke with, some ingredients in green tea also prevent your body from absorbing the good nutrients you need.

Myth #3: An Overnight Cleanse is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight

It most likely took a while for your body to build up toxins that are now causing you to feel sluggish and might even be making you sick with a weakened immune system. Your body needs help removing toxins but it won’t be able to do it overnight. To detox your body naturally, your body needs time to process all those toxins and remove them.

Have you seen the weight loss stories from people who have just finished a cleanse or some other way to detox your body? Most of these are true. But what they don’t tell you is that most of the weight they lost was water and as soon as the quick fix was over and they started eating and drinking normally again, most of that weight came back.

Myth #4: Detox Fads Are an Easy Fix

There’s a reason why fads don’t last long. They are popular for a while and then disappear. Why? Because they really don’t work. Some detox diets can help your body flush out toxins or temporarily boost your liver function. But the benefits don’t last.

What would your doctor say if you asked for medical advice? They’d probably tell you to skip the hype and find something that really works. Don’t know if something is a fad or not? Wait a week or two and if it disappears then it wasn’t worth trying anyway.

Myth #5: Cleanses Cause Nasty Side Effects

This myth is partly true… but only if you don’t prepare for the detox or choose the wrong one. Some weight loss cleanses are designed to quickly remove as much weight as possible. All of that has to go somewhere and is usually processed through your digestive system. This means you will probably end up with some uncomfortable digestive problems during your detox.

Other side effects can include acne breakouts, fatigue, cravings, and anxiety. (This is just a few of many!) While any change to your usual routine is going to also change your body’s reactions, there are ways to detox your body naturally that won’t disrupt your life.

Myth #6: You Need to Give Up Your Favorite Foods

Medical advice will probably tell you to give up some of your favorite foods anyway. A ton of extra sugar or sugar alternatives isn’t really good for your body. Drinking alcohol isn’t great either. Fried or processed foods can slow down your body’s ability to remove toxins while adding a bunch more. It seems like experts can’t agree on the pros and cons of coffee.

Does this mean we can’t have any of these things? No! You can detox your body safely and effectively so that all these indulgences aren’t as bad for your body. You should probably cut down on these things anyway, and of course, follow your doctor’s advice about your diet. However, a body detox may be able to help you reduce the negative effects of some of your favorite foods through digestion support, according to Rocky Mountain Analytical.

Myth #7: Juice Fasts Are the Only Cleanses that Work

Eat This, Not That! editors talked with several nutritionists to find out just what happens to your body during a juice cleanse. Juice fasts provide your body with tons of nutrients while cutting down on the fats and complex proteins that can slow down your liver. But the benefits stop there. With little or no fiber, the juice passes through your digestive system quickly so you can’t really absorb most of those nutrients. Fiber also aids in removing toxins by binding with them so they can be removed. Many juice cleanse fads can harm your kidneys as most juices are acidic and filled with sugar.

So How Do You Detox Your Body Naturally?

There are so many myths about detoxing and cleansing. Is there really a way to detox your body naturally that works and isn’t going to cause so many unpleasant side effects? Yes, there is! Ivita Detox is designed to boost your levels of glutathione.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that is already found in your liver (I.e. naturally occurring). With improved liver health, your body’s natural detoxing processes work better, and you feel better. Unlike many detox diets, overnight fixes, and natural herbal supplements that might work quickly but only for a short amount of time, Ivita Detox improves your body function so it can perform the way it was designed and give you longer-lasting benefits. Benefits like a stronger immune system, better digestion, and even a healthier appearance. If there is one thing you can do to help your body naturally detox better, it’s to grab a bottle of Ivita Detox. That is not a myth!

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